Friday, October 9, 2015

UAE lifts ban on Ethiopia’s meat imports

The United Arab Emirates has lifted a ban that it imposed on all imports of meat from Ethiopia.

The UAE imposed the ban on Oct. 1 over problems related to a rush order. A charity organization in the UAE had ordered around 36 tons of sheep meat from seven meat processing companies.

The chilled sheep meat was reportedly not kept at hygiene standards due to the rapid delivery requirement -- the regular process takes 10 days.

When UAE agriculture authorities rejected the rush shipment, they also imposed a ban on all meat exports from Ethiopia. As the UAE is the largest export destination of meat from Ethiopia, importing about $30 million of the foodstuff per year, this could have been disastrous for the Ethiopian meat industry.

Haileselassie Geref, director of the state-owned trade organization Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry told Anadolu Agency: “It was a misunderstanding concerning the order request, and, immediately after the ban, the two sides started communicating and resolved the misunderstanding,” Haileselassie said.

“We are happy that Ethiopia’s largest importer of meat has finally lifted the ban only one week after it was imposed,” he said.

Ethiopia exports $93 million worth of meat per year in total, of which the UAE imports 50 - 60 percent. Meat exports to the country last year accounted for $58.8million from 11.692 tons of shipment.

Saudi Arabia is the second largest importer of Ethiopian meat with a 32.4 percent share followed by Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Ethiopia, according to the Ethiopian meat industry official, projected to export $125 million of meat in total from 2015 to 2016.
Source: Turkish Weekly


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