Sunday, September 20, 2015

US Denies entry permit to Ginbot 7 Executive members

According  to Merja and quoted  by Ethiopian Review  web page  , US  denies  entry  visa to two of   Ginbot  7  executive  committee members.   The two   are   holders of European passport    and reportedly citizens of Great Brtian    and Belgium. The names of these two individuals are Dr. Tadesse  Biru  who is  a   citizen  of  Britain , and  the  other  individual  is Mr.  Abebe  Bogale , a passport holder of Belgium.  It is  not  clear  why the  authorities in US  didn’t allow  them   to get into  US  since  they  both  carry  European passport.    

Mean  while   another  High profile  G7  member  is  returned  back  from Eretria  on Saturday  September 19, 2015  after  TPDM Chairman  Mola  Asgedom abandoned   the  newly  formed  alliance and took away  700  of his armed   members  and left  for his  birth  country  Ethiopia.     “Ato  Nemamen  Zelake  is  in  his  VA residence and reunited  with  his family    says Ethiopian Review  Editor Ato  Elias  Kifle .

 The  two  other   Ginbot  7  leaders,  Dr. Berhanu  Nega and  Ato  Eferm  Madebo     are  still in  the  capital  Asmera  and there  is no   word of  whether  they  are  returned  back  to US  or  stay  there  for sometime  . There  is  also  a  disturbing  report   that   some  of  TPDM fighters  are still strangle  in Erteria  and  their fate  is still  unknown.          


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