Friday, September 11, 2015

የደህሚት መሪ ሞላ ኣስገዶም ከ 683 ተዋጊዎች ጋር ኢትዮጵያ ገባ::( Updates with pictures )

Breaking News.   

TPDM  Chief  Mola  Asgdom  arrived In Ethiopia  after  fierce  fighting…

more  updates  on  TPDM and other rebels  of opposition groups who fled to Ethiopia via neighboring Sudan...

Some   683  members of rebel fighters most of them are  members  of TPDM  have  safely arrived in Ethiopia via  Sudan border.   ( See picture  below) . It is now known that the fighters included members of EPPF   and   Arbenoch  Ginbot  7 fighters ..more  will follow …  

( Ethiopian This Week ) According  to the  news source  from Arab News (  and  latter   conformed by,  Tigray Pepeole  Democratic  Movement  aka ደህሚት  founder  and leader  Mola  Asagedom  is currently in  Sudan after  fierce  fighting while  crossing the  Eretria border. The surprising news came amid the formation of an   alliance by  four  organization   which TPDM took a big  portion  of it . It is not secret   that TPDM Military   power   is by far surpassing all the  opposition movements positioning  inside  Eretria  .  About  two days  ago  Gunboat  7  current  chairman Dr. Berhanu  has  officially  announced via  ESAT  TV four of the  organizations  including TPDM has agreed  to  form a  coalition and he  himself  is  assuming   the chairmanship  while   Mola Asgedom  takes the   vice  chairmanship  position . It  is not  clear at  this  point the  status quo  of the  newly  born organization since it is powerful  leadership fled  with 683   of its heavily armed  members and  extensive fighting experience. Analysts  speculate  that  there is  recent disagreement  between  TPDM forces  and the new  guys  arrived from USA  as the latter  would  like  to  take over systematically the TPDM army in the name of coalition. Other news  also stated that  Ethiopian Security  forces  infiltrated  TPDM while its formation.  Besides   Mola  Asegdom and his  inner circles  are having  sore  relationships recently  with the  Regime  on the logistics  and the  formation of  the  new  alliance .  Critics  on this matter  say   that    if  there is  a coalition  of any kind  it  has  to  be lead  by an experienced  and consistent personals   not  by  opportunists.
  As  this  news is  progressing we will bring you more  details as it happens   .Stay tuned   


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