Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eritrea’s Military depot and Besha mining mine bombarded by Ethiopian Fighter jets

የኤርትራ የመሳሪያ ማከመቻና  የቤሻ የወርቅ ማአድን ማውጫ በኢትዮጵያ ኣየር ሃይል ተደመሰሰ::

According to credible reports   from various sources,    Eritrean military base   at Mai Edega  , near  Asmera  and  Besha  Gold mining pit  on the Western  part of  Barentu and Akoradt   destroyed  by  the Ethiopian  fighter jets.  The air planes successfully hit both targets and safely returned to their base.
The unexpected military operation carried out saturday night March   20, 2015 at around 4.30 PM and the report further said that both installations were hit exactly at the same time . Despite both facilities   are under 24 hour surveillance radar watch, the Ethiopian fighter jets effectively managed   the operation.       

It was remembered that he Ethiopian MI 35 Helicopter was hijacked by its pilots and flown to Erteria  some time ago and from that  time on Ethiopian authorities have  constantly requested the Eritrean  regime to  return the Helicopter.  In one unconfirmed report, Ethiopian Chief of   Staff Samora Yenus, said    in the military meeting “we will take an action to   get back our military helicopter soon”.
Many believe that the carried operation is retaliation against holding the military hardware and in harboring armed Ethiopian opposition group in Eritrea.  More news on the story will come soon.   


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