Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 11, 2015 Ethiopian This Week Radio program

January  11, 2015  program presents  the  original  history   of  Ethiopian Calendar or  Henokinan calendar  from the biblical version of Henok )  as well as  efforts  that were  done   to return   back the Axum  monument   from Italy Milan to its home land  Ethiopia.  Our guest of this week is Dr. Aberra Mola , a creator of Ethiopic software ( GeezEdit) ,a  Vet. Dr, and Historian. 
 On the second part of our interview we discussed current incidents that happened in our community and across the world. For North America and Canada listeners you may listen our weekly show by dialing   712-432-9790.  No access code is needed. Please click the link below.  


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