Thursday, January 22, 2015

An exclusive interview with one of the founder of Global Alliance for Ethiopian Cause, Ato Kidane Alemahyu

 About Seventy-three years ago, fascist Italy carried out a systematic mass extermination campaign in Ethiopia with poison gas sprayed from airplanes and other horrific atrocities that claimed the lives of no less than 1,000,000 Ethiopian men, women and children, including the entire monastic community at the historic Debre Libanos Monastery.  from that time until now, no official Italian government has ever been held accountable for the genocide of the Ethiopian people from 1935-1941, nor has the Vatican ever apologized for its complicities which are conveyed by Pope Pius XI's support of Mussolini's "civilising mission" in Ethiopia: The Holy Father remained "conspicuously silent" while Vatican clergy blessed fascist military troops, and their weapons, before they departed to carryout Mussolini's "civilising mission" in Ethiopia.  For a record, the government of Italy has paid  a ransom  compensation of  around  25 million dollar  s a  compensation of  the atrocities  they have done  to   then Ethiopian people  government  but  at any parameter this is not   even  matched what they have done to  people    of Ethiopia  and  the environmental destruction  they  did to our  country.  Recent report showed that Italy has signed an agreement with Libya to pay a compensation of $5 billion for the use of Libyans who fought as part of the Fascist army during the Second World War. To that end, Ethiopia should be compensated a minimum of $50 billion. Indeed Our country deserves more than that. 
Please listen the exclusive interview we held this week   with one the founders of Global Alliance for Ethiopian cause Ato Kidane Alemahyu on te war crime of Italy ,  the  direct  involvement of Vatican and the  day  light   genocide of  February  19 , 1941 ( Yekatit 12 ),in the capital. You can also visit their web site and sign the petition   at

**Below is the full interview with our guest of the week Ayo Kidane Alemyehu.
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