Sunday, November 16, 2014

The 128th year Journey of Addis Abeba.

The capital city of Ethiopia is founded by the late wife of Menelik II , princess Taitu  about 128 years ago .  According   to  historians,  Princess Taitu was  very impressed  by the  natural  climate of the  place  and more importantly  she used   loving to    have shower  from the natural fountain   called  FELUHA. . In fact the name FINFINE   was given at the time since the water sprinkled up by its own.
Since  then  the beloved  city Addis  Abeba  ( New flower  ) remains  the  capital  city  of the country    and  at the same time the  seat of the Government , Diplomats ,  Big  international and continental institutions.  Our  guest of November 16, 2014 Radio  program  will tell us  about  how the city was  founded  and explains  the original sub-citys  names   (  like Doro Manekia, Piassa  Gulele,  Ere Bekentu, Kasanachis , and many mores )  . It is a must listen interview especially as we are remembering the 128 foundation of the city.  
On the second part of the  program  we  present to  you  the  latest  agreement  of China and US  over reducing the  emission of CO2  in  the next 29 year  as  well as    the latest discovery  of   how  Rosita (  a man made satellite)   who  left our planet 10  years ago   successfully  landed on   flying  comet.  As we are  excited by this news , we  are  also questioning what real  benefits it  will  bring in changing the economy,  the life  standard   or  reducing poverty  to the majority  of  the  people  here on earth.  Click the link below   to listen the program.


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