Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9, 2014 Ethiopian This Week Radio program

November 9, 2014  Ethiopian This week  Radio program presents Interview with the young ever Ethiopian girl Hermela  Samuel  who has a  big dream to open a library   to   enhance the reading  culture  of her age group  and other members  of the community. Having some 200 books from friends as well as   from  family members  and put in a tent in Lafto area,  Hermela is paving the way to her  big dream.  “Someday I will have a big library, may be 10 times bigger than what I have now” says a 16 year old Hermela looking brightly to the future.  On the challenge she face, while working on her vision, her message is simple “People sometimes discourage me, however it provides me strength.”  If you would like to help this inspired girl, please do so.  You can find her full contact information from the interview we did .  On the second part of the show, we discuss on the recent election in United States and the surprise victory of the Republicans over Democrats. For those of you who live in USA and Canada, Our Radio show can listened simply by dialing   712-432-9790 .  No access code is needed.
Please click the  link below to listen the full program .


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