Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014 Ethiopian This Week Radio program

November 23, 2014 Radio program presents part 11 Interview with Historian Ato Melaku Tefera .  A  continuation form   Part  1,  Ato Melaku explains  interesting names  of various places,    the  very    first  movie  and theater  home ( traditionally  called SEITAN BET)  as  well as  the  difference between Piassa and Arada  back in the days. 

 On the second part of our program we discuss  on   the  recent  speech of president Obama  Over immigration  issues ,  what  hope it  will bring to the undocumented individuals  who  are living in US  for the  last three  or more years.  We will also talk about the remaining two years of his presidency, as well as other current weekly events.
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