Monday, November 17, 2014

Building Democratic Ethiopia and its Challenges ( Aiga

 (A win -win view for government  and private media ).  You have said it all Aiga,  We thank you !  )

We think most of you would agree with us Ethiopia is moving forward. Despite the challenges, the country is continuing to register growth both in economic and social development terms! The economic gains it had so far is an open secret but the social development may not be. One of the growing pain challenges is the continuous tag of war between the government and the fledgling private press. The private media is continuously tasting the water by clearly violating the law of the land and the government is strictly enforcing the law and putting editors and bloggers to jail.
In a normal developed country the private press finds ways to work within the law and still play its role as the watch man. Equally true, in a developed and democratic world, the government also finds ways to accommodate the private media despite their role is to investigate and expose the government excess.We understand Ethiopia is still developing and has many challenges it can spent its meager resources rather than spent it in managing crisis that may be caused by the irresponsible private media. However we think the government can help the development of a democratic and responsible society by leaning more towards tolerance when it comes to some of the private press editors and bloggers in jail. The best tools the government has in its hand to use is the pardon process! And it should use it to pardon some of the jailed journalist who have served enough and were jailed for simple transgression of the law not for committing or intending to commit a crime. The face book and twitter generation journalists who often play copycat to any uprising elsewhere in the world can be tamed and their plan disrupted easily without a long term jail. It saddens us to note the image of Ethiopia as far as democracy goes is not that good outside Ethiopia! We like it or not the high priests of the west have managed to tarnish its images because of the many editors and bloggers in jail at the moment. If the government plays this game differently it can win back the image battle and change the country’s image the same way it did with its economic success. Have Your Say and share with readers if there is a benefit to release some of the journalist and bloggers in jail!  Source (


  1. I agree only part of the coment

    1. Dear reader:
      Thanks for your comment. it is obvious we can’t agree in all points . In my view some not all bloggers will make a mistake not because they desire to , but because they are so much involved or love their profession ! You may not buy my ideas but they will face into troubles , because they are excited or have given themselves too much to the profession . In that level you may not see what is wrong or and what is right! You may not even realize some of your writings are against the government or even against the people interest at large .I think for the first timers the government should give them a second chance and see if how they will do their job in the future ! I personally don’t agree with articles that instigate hate and violation. I don’t support anarchism equally I support free writing sprit , as far as the free writing it is not initiate violation. Dear reader we can agree not to disagree though. Keep in touch. Thanks for your comment again.