Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What really went wrong with us Fellow Ethiopians?

This   past week October 7, 2014 there   were two demonstration held  by  by ethiopians  and ethiopian born Americans  here  in Washington DC Metropolitan area .Despite both groups claimed their cause is Ethiopia, the objective of the two protests were quite different from each other.    There was huge police presence during the rallies in case if something wrong goes on!  For outsiders    who watched  the  demonstration  It  seems that   even in a  democratic country like America we Ethiopians are getting to the  point that we are not expressed our views  in  a  civilized way . We  ask  a  question if really  both  groups  stand in favor of our country  why would they  prefer  other option   to  bring  their  concerns  or  to  discuss it  in a  refined way?? Are  we not  the  Sons  and Daughters of  a  generation   where  our elders   used to solve huge country matter under  the sunshade  of a  big tree  ( Warka) ?  Are  we not  the generation   who had  a  long history of   resolving  problems  through dialogue  ? and share  the goods and the bad , even eat on the same plate  and had respect  each other ? Where does that way of life vanish??   We heard   voices that never add values to the cause but insulting and targeting individuals.  We wonder and ask openly   what is the driving force behind the scene?  Is it really us or are there actors or actress behind the picture?  Or is it just we are simply   losing hope for debate and became so desperate??  October 12 , 2014  Ethiopian  This week Radio  program presents  an exclusive  discussion  with   Evangelical  Daniel  Tasew  who  was at the scene when  both rallies   took place  . The  pastor explains  the ground of  the  problem  and suggests  what should really  be done  to rejuvenate  the culture of tolerance and the culture of discussion  also what it  means   to agree  not to disagree  on   ideas.  As  the  US  government   allows  to have   demonstrations , to express  views  , they also have equal  responsibilities to protect  the  embassy of Ethiopia and its premises  as we Ethiopians protect their Embassy and personnel under heavy surveillance . After all it is their full responsibly to guard and protect the embassy not left the   burden to single Ethiopian security   individual.     
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