Saturday, October 4, 2014

Patient with Ebola-like Symptoms Admits in D.C. hospital (VIDEO)

A possible case of Ebola is being investigated at Howard University Hospital in Washington D.C., according to The Hill newspaper and local news media.
A hospital spokesperson told The Hill that a patient was admitted who was exhibiting symptoms similar to Ebola. The individual reportedly traveled to Nigeria and is said to be in stable condition.
Meanwhile in Dallas, a hazardous-materials crew arrived Friday at an apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan, the first confirmed U.S. Ebola, patient stayed. They collected bed sheets and towels used by the infected man before he was hospitalized.
The family living in the apartment has been confined to their home under armed guard while public-health officials monitor them – part of an intense effort to contain the deadly disease before it can get a foothold in the United States.


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