Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5, 2014 Ethiopian This Week Radio Program

On This  week program  we present an exclusive interview  with  a   young  Ethiopian female  who has HIV  virus  for the  last 5 years .  Our  guest  ( her real name is  undisclosed for  private  reason)      has  a  five years  old child  who is currently  free  of  the  virus.   Our guest  moreover  clarify  how she was  first knew  she carries  the   virus  and explained  how  her  life has changed  and has been mistreated   just because  she  is the   carrier  of  the  virus  .  We believe the interview is very informative and   awaken   each of  us  to watch our back as well as  to look after  of our fellow citizens  who unfortunately attacked   by the  virus.  For our America listeners   you may still n listen the full program simply dialing 712-432-9790.  No access code is needed.  Click the link below for listening the program.


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