Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola is getting momentum

It is certain that the virus by the name of Ebola is getting momentum day by day. It is no more epidemic but pandemic!  As one researcher voiced to the world loudly,” It seems that we (Humans) are losing the war that occur between us and Ebola Virus.”
 Is Ebola out of control?  What is Ebola? Where does  Ebola  comes from..? What is the prevention protocol one has to follow not to attack by the pandemic?  Also what are the main symptoms of a patient who has Ebola virus in his / her body system?  Our Radio program of October 19, 2014 answers most part of the above questions.

Our Guest of the week is a Pediatrician and a public health Scientist as well as a Journalist and an Organizer by passion, Dr. Belai Habte-Jesus. Dr. Belai starts by answering how and when the virus gets its initial name.  He further stated that it took 40 years to reach the virus   to USA and other part of the world and the whole world now knew about it. Please click the link below to listen the full interview.


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