Sunday, October 26, 2014

A new vaccination to cure Ebola is on its way...

  Ethiopian This Week (ETW) October 26, 2014
Needless to say the virus Ebola causes a great threat to everyone these days.  Just this past  week  the   world has sadly  learn  over  the news  of    young  doctor   who  has  affected by the Ebola  virus when  volunteered  to  treat Ebola patients in West  Africa . 
Dr. Craig Spencer found out about the virus in his body system after he made back from West Africa. According to his profile he is a tireless individual who is willing to go extra miles to help others. Doctor Spencer is now in New York Hospital with symptoms of Ebola virus and gets treatment accordingly.   
We all wish him a quick recovery.  Imagine   how you feel if you would like to help others and latter on you are victim of the dread virus and being quarantined for sometimes if not   forever…

This week our weekly radio  show  presents  Professor  Fred  Paras , a  Microbiologist and  a lecturer,   at  Baltimore  City  Community College .   Professor Paras explains about the  natural reservoir of  Ebola at  the same time he shared  with us insights on the latest  discovery  of  vaccines   that  are on the  way  to cure  the deadly  Ebola virus.   To listen this Exclusive   interview, click the link below.  


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