Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview with Muller Real Estae industry Owner Ato Mulugeta Tesfakiros

Our  this  week Radio  program  presents  an exclusive interview   with the  owner  and successful  entrepreneur   Muller Real Estate  and industry Ato Mulugeta  Tesfakiros. . Muller Industries, the parent company of Muller Real Estate, was established by Mr. Mulugeta and his partners in 2010.  Furthermore, Mr. Mulugeta is the sole owner of Akasas Real Estate, Freedom Real Estate, New Hope Real Estate and SNB Real Estate as well as Akakas Logistics, Muller Industries and Ham Innovative. Mr Mulgeta discussed about his 17 years experience   In Ethiopia as an entrepreneur as well as and the ups and down he went through to become successful business owner. To listen the interview Click the link below.


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