Saturday, September 13, 2014

Egypt paying Ethiopian opposition $ 10 million

An investigative report by a top Diaspora media reveled that Egypt is paying $10 million US dollars annually to   finance to various opposition group in Ethiopia. The special report comes as Ethiopian Prime minister HaileMariam Deasaeign is scheduled to meet Egyptian President Abdul Fetah Al Sisi later this month  to discuss  Ethiopian Egypt  Nile river  usage .   The report by the DC based opposition media “” Ethiopian Review “” revealed that Egypt transfers money to Ethiopia rebels via to Eritrean Government. Some of the Ethiopian anti government rebels currently stationed inside Eretria Including OLF, ETDM , and Ginbot  7. The report stated however that Ginbot 7  lost protection from Asmera which led to three recent abduction Ginbot  7  leader  Ato  Andargachew  Tsege.
The Ethiopian review media also reported that quarter is directly financing and arming ONLF Rebels. AddisAbeaba has previously cut ties Quataer and censored Qatar government media Al  Jazera.  
Analysts  say  Qatar  controversial  media  is known for one sided and high coverage of problems inside Ethiopia with focus  on Muslims  majority  ethnic group  Oromo and Ogaden   This week New York times published extensive background on  Qatar’s   role in terrorist fund  raising and its use of Al-Jazeera media to empower radical Islamic militarism world wide.  Source (Somaliland press)


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