Wednesday, September 10, 2014

EDP requests to use Election 2015 to eliminate hate politics

 The Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) has requested relevant stakeholders in the Ethiopian political space to use the 2015 elections to eliminate the culture of hate politics entrenched deep in the society. For the upcoming New Year, the party told The Reporter it wishes to take the opportunity in this election to instill: a strong multi-party political system, eliminate the culture of hate politics, strengthen the politics of tolerance and respect, replace blind opposition with alternative politics, promote a civilized and broad-based public participation and broaden the political space.  EDP’s president Chane Kebede (PhD) told The Reporter that creating a culture of tolerance and respect, and establishing a national consensus are the core principles of the party. Chane is of the opinion that rational politics that gives due consideration to the needs and interests of the public is a better instrument of development and democracy, than the prevailing culture of extreme positions reflected in the programs and actions of the political forces.  While indicating that EDP is preparing for the 2015 elections, Chane notes that rather than winning and losing the election, ensuring the independence, fairness and openness of the election will have a more meaningful impact. He also believes that if consensus is achieved  the process of the election, both the incumbent and the opposition parties will accept the results of the election. Chane also announced that EDP is preparing to host a national symposium devoted to the national consensus. He explains that the symposium will discuss the role of the political parties, government, scholars, media, justice organizations, democratic institutions and national election board in the country’s effort to secure national consensus. The EDP’s political philosophy, the Third Way, is winning support from the citizens, particularly those who are bored with hate politics and recognize the damage it sustains on the public, according to Chane. He also point out the fact that rational politics is the most successful means to defeat the absolute dictatorial tendencies of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), rather than the commonly displayed extremely blind opposition against the ruling party.  When asked how the party perceives the belief of the EPRDF on the already established national consensus while making an effort to create one in the near future, Chane responded that the EPRDF is only against national reconciliation as it believes the current political actors are not victims with each other rather than national consensus. Chane argued that realizing national consensus should take precedence, although he states that EDP supports both national reconciliation and national consensus as a matter of principle. He also emphasizes that if the right agendas are designed, EPRDF is interested in the topic of national consensus. He indicates that the issue of national consensus is a pending matter in the National Political Parties Forum, of which EPRDF is one member. “Everyone who loves this country will not oppose the issue of national consensus,” he adds. EDP’s New Year wish expresses is for the year to be of peace, health, and love for every Ethiopian, particularly to members of the defense force ensuring the inviolability of the country’s border, those who are in prison, and immigrants living outside of the country.  Source ( Reporter )


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