Monday, August 18, 2014

Exclusive Interview with instructor, Director and Play writer Dr. Tesfaye Abebe

August 17, 2014 Ethiopian This Week Radio show presents an exclusive interview with Dr. Artist Tesfaye Abebe  .  Dr.  Artist   Tesfye Abebe is one of the for individuals who received a honorary doctorate degree from AAU   on July 10, 2014. Besides , Father ( he is commonly known by this name ) the other three individuals  who received the honorary  doctorate   degree  were , a long distance tack athlete Terunish Dibaba, Angelo del Boca , an Italian Historian and writer as well as   Claire Penn  a  famous  psychologist.   Dr  Tesfaye  said  he is  so humble  and grateful for the reward and the reward  definitely  boost up   his moral to do more in the coming years .  He also added that he wishes   to get help  from the government bodies and other stakeholders to reach out more talented young actors and actresses   across the country.  Click the link below to listen the interview.


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