Saturday, August 30, 2014

Director Tewdros Teshome is sued for copy right breach by the author of Fiker Sibekel .

Tewdros Teshome, a renowned film maker and manager of Sebastopol Entertainment Plc, is sued for breach of copyright by Atenkut Mulugeta, author of the book Fiker Sibekel. The plaintiff filed his statement of claim to the Federal High Court on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, claiming Tewodros took the entire concept of his book and released a movie called Sost Meazen. The suit demands that Tewodros pay him 10 million Br in compensation for the economic and moral damage he suffered from the infringement. Tewodros came into the film business as writer, director and producer of Gilbit Alem, which he followed up with Kezkaza Wolafen. This came after he had established Sebastopol Entertainment Plc, his film company. He has made nine films in total, including the contentious Sost Meazen, as well as Fiqer Siferd (2005), one of his more popular films, and Key Sihtet (2006) – a film about the Red Terror. The entire storyline of the film and scenes in Sost Meazen are copied from Fiker Sibekel, which was published five years ago, alleges the suit.  Source ( Diretube)


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