Wednesday, July 16, 2014

South sudan buys $38 million worth of weapons from China

Dr. Riek Mechiar protested the move..
The Sudan Tribune reports that South Sudan’s rebel forces led by Riek Machar have protested the government’s acquisition of more weapons from China. According to the report, South Sudan has received $38 million worth of missiles, grenade launchers, mating guns and ammunition. The Tribune quotes Defense Minister Kuol Juuk as confirming the purchase and saying, “My role is to defend the nation. That means I have to arm my army. The army has to be equipped.” According to rebel spokesperson James Gatdet Dak, “Well, our leadership sees this unfortunate development as a preparation for more violence by the regime…Instead of trying to correct their failures and deliver the badly needed basic services to the suffering South Sudanese people, the leadership in Juba is bent to further destroy the country.” The Tribune quotes Dak as accusing the government of prioritizing hiring foreign mercenaries and acquiring weapons. Dak questions the government spending $3 million a day to “fight against democratic political opponents while hundreds of citizens are dying every day because of hunger and curable diseases.”The US and Europe do not sell weapons to the government of South Sudan.Source: (Sudan Tribune)


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