Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recalling Abebe Bikila…

The multi- talented Abebe Bikila is seen in the image shooting an arrow, another form of sport that he was so good at, and he was also a champion of this international game, but his gift doesn't end there and also Abebe could clearly communicate through at least four languages, a good enough Italian, English beside a fluent Amharic and Oromegna. In his final painfully lonely years while he was far from the crowded sport stadium where he once triggered an amazing history, Abebe has spent his long free time vising patients by traveling to different hospitals around Addis Abeba and to their homes, plus supporting the less fortunate children with the little he had. After beating all the odds in Tokyo Olympic in the year 1964 and the moment champion Abebe entered the Olympic stadium a head of every one,with a massive energy and speed, the waiting crowed suddenly erupted with a loud voice that has never been heard before, ... then Abebe replied by holding his hand above his shoulder, pointing his finger toward the sky, presenting th glory to the almighty creator and proving that he will only surrender to the name above all the names.   Source ( Diretube ) 


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