Saturday, June 14, 2014

Samuel Zemikael an Ethiopian fake PhD holder and business man exposed

An Ethiopian man who claims to have been close friends with Vladimir Putin the Russian President and have met many leaders of the world was exposed. Samuel Zemikael says he holds PhD degree in civil engineering from Addis Ababa University, Canberra University in Australia and Harvard University in the USA. Fana Broadcasting and Ethiopian news agency contacted each university to confirm if Samuel attended their schools, but all of them they have never have heard of him. Samuel has been a guest speaker or had an interview with at least 13 Ethiopian media outlets as an extraordinary engineer and business man. He has rubbed shoulders with top Ethiopian government officials and business people because of his fame. "Dr. Engineer Samuel Zemikael" as he was known by the people was exposed for who really he is.  At the end all his fame has crumbled down to nothing because it was all based on mountain of lie.  Source ( Tigrai on line )


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