Monday, June 9, 2014

An Ethiopian Doctor Arrested for Medical Malpractice

A  medical doctor who inflicted harm by negligence on a two months pregnant woman is arrested. The suspect Dr. Belachew Tolera Yadeta was accused by the prosecutor for medical malpractice. 
 The Federal First Instant Court’s menagesha area court that was seeing the case ruled him guilty in its June 3, 2014 session. The charge document shows that the doctor had inflicted physical harm on two months pregnant woman on October 23, 2014 at 11 A.M in the morning at the private clinic in the Gulelea subcity’s Kebele 09/15 of Addis.  Claiming that the fetus has defects and that it needs to be aborted, the Doctor, asking a payment of 987 Br inserted a metal instrument in the woman’s womb and pierced 3.2 centimeters of the woman’s womb and in the process damaging seventy centimeters of her small intestine where it has to be operated out later. Moreover, the malpractice has made 300 cc blood to be spilled into her abdomen.  The court that has been seeing the case for the past months ruled the doctor to be guilty and ordered for him to be in custody till a final verdict is passed on June 11, 2014.   Source ( Diretube ) 


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