Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amazing Former Ethiopian president testimony over “” Ing /Dr “” . Samueal ZemaicheaL(Updated )

Former Ethiopian president Girma Woldegiorgis defended controversial Ethiopian man, Samuel Zemichal over allegations of fake academic background and related scams.   The  former president also indicated that  the then doctor NOW  Mr  Zemicaheal  had  taken an assignment  of writing  his Autobiography  and   80 %  of    the  work has been accomplished .  Former president Germa   fears that Mr. Samuel may hurt himself or even will suicide because of the degree of  bombardment of this news. The  surprising thing  is  that even the former president  himself  had received  three   degrees  from   three different institution which  he neither  had any  clue nor asked to did any desertion work  . According to president Germa  it is normal that a person bestowed Academic degree ,which  he or  she  never worked for it.  It is remembered that the former president once commented that the missing Malaysian flight went to the outer universe.   Click the link below to listen the full interview of former president Germa  Weldegiorgis  . The video is a courtesy of Awrama  times.

More update  From Ethiopian This week  June 22, 2014  weekly radio program....

June 22, 2014 Radio program, presents on the fake “”Dr. and  Engineer “”     individual by the name of Samuel Zemaicheal. We were wondering, how a country like Ethiopia hasn’t   yet developed an Academic Assessment Institution   that evaluates credentials of self claimed Doctors or Engineers.   As we all know, the world is getting a small village and higher institutions are not different. They will be accessed these days   via a single e- mail if there is a need of credential issues. There should  be a  gate keeper  to value education ,  That way the likes of  Samuel  will not slip  easily  to  the  academic arena as  they wish too!



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