Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 6, 2014 Weekly Radio Show

April  6 , 2014 Ethiopian This week  Radio show   presents   discussions with Global Media Enterprise  founder  and Board  chair person Dr. Belay  Habte-Jesus over the recent  conflict of Ukraine and its biggest   and powerful  neighbor Russia . The discussion mainly focus on, the motivation of  kremia, (which was once  a part of  Ukraine) now voluntarily or more likely by people  choice  has been  part of Russia  .   Dr.  Belay argues that this kind of situation  will  stiff the  muscle of  Russia and indeed  this will  give Russia even a green light to take over other r small state in the near future , unless the international community ( Western world ) takes a  strong action on the latter. To listen the discussion, click the link below.

Is Russia decision to take over kermia is legitimate?  Send us your opinion.  
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