Monday, March 24, 2014

Urgent help is needed

A young kid   by the name of Bealem Berhanu   currently suffering with a disease called Portal Vain Hypertension, (PVH) .  The Doctors Board have confirmed that this kind of illness cannot be treated   in Ethiopia .The sad  part is   family of Bealem can’t   afford  to  pay for his  medical  expanses abroad .The life of  this  twelve year   brilliant boy  is at  a great  risk. He needs all your help!! Please listen the interview we had with his Parents as well as with their son, Do  your  best  to save his life .( if you  can’t  financially support  spread  out the news to all your contacts  you may have .(face book,   twitters  , social medias …)    His Mom and Dad  left all their contact  information. Click the link below to listen the whole interview.


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