Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Barak Obama has hereditary to Oromo and Somalis tribe other than his Kenyan origin says a Researcher

On his recent interview with Ethiopian This Week Radio program host, Dr.  Belay Haileyesus explained the main cause of Adwa war and its outcome for all underrepresented people around the globe. Dr.  Belay further explained the  current president of USA is related  to  Oromo  and Somalia tribes , According to  Dr Belay these  and most other African  tribes didn’t have borders  or boundary  and lived together and shard what  life has offered them   The issue  of boundary  line  came after colonialists seized over the  whole  nation of Africa i.e. around 1887 EC   “The Oromo tribe is one of  the  biggest tribe  in  Ethiopia and by default  the president  of USA  has a large portion  of hereditary  to  Ethiopia, says pediatrician specialist  Dr. Habtyesus .  To  listen the  interview  click the link below.


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