Monday, February 24, 2014

A Court Orders for ETV’s Director to be in Custody and Appear in Court

The Federal High Court’s 4th criminal bench that was seeing the case of 28 individuals convicted of terrorism charges had asked ERTA to deliver translators for the Video evidence presented on the court.  But since ERTA hasn’t provided translators for the case, the court orders for ERTA’s director to be in custody and appear in the court. Among thousands of evidences presented for the case, for those video evidences that are of Oromiffa and Arabic languages, ERTA was asked to provide support by assigning translators which it declined. For this, the court gives order for ERTA’s director Birhanu Kidanemariam to appear in court being in custody. It is remembered that ETV had make a documentary named Jihadawi Harekat on these terror suspects where the prosecutor claimed them to be members of the international terror network. Source ( Diretube)


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