Friday, January 3, 2014

An Eritrean pilot who bombarded Makalle’s Aider school defects to Djibouti

Habtom Kahsay, an Eritrean Air Force pilot has escaped with his bomber in Djibouti and plans seeking political asylum in another country. According to data collected by the Africa Express, the same pilot who in 1998 at the outbreak of war with Ethiopia stood up in flight from Asmara and bombarded Aider elementary school in Makalle, Tigray. 2013 was a year of leaks of military pilots from the former Italian colony, ruled by a harsh dictatorship is at least 10 officers who have fled, many of them in Saudi Arabia. In early December, although the national football team of Eritrea, who was engaged in an international tournament in Nairobi, has requested political asylum and has not returned home.  Source ( Africa Experss )


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