Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Singer Mekya Behilu has passed away!!

The prominent singer    Mikya Behailu has accidentally passed away   at the age of 36.  Mikya was   a teacher   by profession and was working on her  second degree  to  advance  her academic carrier.   She   was    a   mother of one.   The singer was in  routine check up  ,since September 2013  before her condition   got worsened two weeks ago. According to reports  from Tekur Anbessa Hospital  Mikya  Behailu  was  pronounced dead at around 9 PM on Tuesday,  December 24, 2013 , ( on European  X-Mas Eve ) . 

May God bless her soul!! 

Here is one of her best song which she has been received   African music award   . The name of the song is called   DElELIN!! 

Click here to listen music.


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