Sunday, December 22, 2013

Exclusive interview with ERAPA founder and Board Chairperson, Ato Teshae Sebro

(Up dated  January  5, 2014)
Ato Teshale   Sebro  is   a  founder   and Chairperson of  the  newly  formed party  called ERAPA. The Acronym stands for Ethiopian Raeie   Party . The party has received   its legitimacy from the   Government body on   April 17, 2001 ( EC). According  to the  chairperson,  the party currently has three hundred  thousand  supporting members  and manages   around  12  offices  around the  country , Membership  of the  party  is not restricted  by Religion ,  Ethnicity , Race , Age or Academic background,  says  Ato Teshale. 

On The  land tenure  policy ,  the party stated  that  , Citizens who want to acquire land shall have the rights to do so in all regions of Ethiopia with the full cooperation of the people of the specific region and the state; As the state is obliged to treat all citizens equally all final arbitration and decision powers in these matters shall be vested in the state; On its economic policy, the party declares that they follow liberal economy system based on   the principle of free market economy. Ato Teshale has a  Master’s degree in  International Law and has served  his country  in  the previous  two   governments  as  well  as  served the EPRDF led  government for  about  2 years when the latter assumed power  from the Derg Regime .  Born  in the  southern part  of Ethiopia and   as a  father  of two , Ato Sebro  held an exclusive   interview with Ethiopian This week editor  on his party  dream,  his vast work experience and his believe on National consensus  and forgiveness .
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