Friday, December 27, 2013

Anti-Teddy Afro campaign catches fire on social media

Not everyone is happy with the campaign. Several Ethiopian activists have characterized the campaign as ‘emotive’ and questioned the motives behind the campaign. The backlash against Teddy is in part heightened by a comment the singer made in an interview with local magazine, in which he reportedly said, Menelik’s war of conquest in southern Ethiopia amounted to ‘a holy war.’ Others cautioned that Teddy’s crusade gaffe was ‘unconfirmed’.

However, the organizers insist that, while the comment might have given them a renewed impetus, Teddy’s tour would have been boycotted even without the comment. “Teddy’s glorification of the 19th century monarch, who committed ethnic cleansing against various nations and nationalities in southern Ethiopia, is not new,” reads their press statement. Others worry that the campaign amplifies an already tense ethnic relations.