Friday, November 1, 2013

Track laying for the Addis Ababa light railway project has been officially launched

Higher government officials, including Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Diriba Kuma and Transport Minister, Workneh Gebeyehu attended launching ceremony. The two line rail tracks extend 17.35kms from east to west direction stretching from Ayat Village to Torhailoch passing through Megenagna, Legehar and Mexico. In the north to south direction, a 16.9-kms rail track will pass through Menelik Square, Merkato, Lideta, Legehar, Maskal Square, Gotera and Kaliti. The two directions will have a common track of about 2.8-kms. The Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit will have a total of 41 rails each with a capacity to carry 286 passengers. This will enable the light rail transit to provide transportation service to 15,000 people per hour in one direction and 60,000 in all four directions. Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Diriba Kuma, on the occasion said the project would play a significant role towards alleviating the transportation problem in the metropolis when it is completed within a year and half. Addis Ababa light railway project, the first of its kind in the country, testifies Ethiopia’s economic advancement in various sectors.Diriba also called on the public to continue their support until the completion of the project as there is a big hope in the future.Transport Minister, Workneh Gebeyehu, on his part said the project, upon its completion would expedite in ongoing economic growth.Some 43 per cent of the 34 km Addis Ababa light railway project has so far been completed, it was learnt.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ethiopian Railways Corporation, Dr Engineer Getachew Betru, on his part said the project will be completed as per schedule.  Source ( WIC )


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