Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ethiopians Have Home to come" , says Dr.Twedros Adahanom

 ”Ethiopians have home to come, they can always come to their home and we will  accepting them and not only  that we  are preparing the ground work ;  our command operation is  working around the clock.     I recently received   a direct call    from a girl straight from the camp who really in desperate situation, there is nothing devastated than that… I am sorry that Ethiopians are being treating this way regardless of their immigration status.    We are not in war with the Saudis, if they need to deport them, it should do be done smoothly not in the way they are doing in the past 10 days. We even could have arranged together to make it a smooth transfer.

For   those who forget, I would like to say the following.  When prophet Mohamed was been chased, he sent his followers (his Shaba as)    to Ethiopia. According to  history  they were  the  first refugees  who lived  in  Ethiopia , until things in  the Middle east were settled   down  , their cemetery  is  in Ethiopia  they buried here in Ethiopia   it is in Tigray .  I have visited myself. We consider this as one of our Ethiopian treasure, even the then emperor was given them grant for asylum, it is not only that he   in fact changed   the country   rule of law to accommodate   the interest of the Shaba’s .  This was done more than one century and half (approximately 1400 years ago). That should be remembered, that shouldn’t be forgotten!! There is always time you were supporting others but there is also time you may need help from those you once supported them. This is the universal reality of this world. Helping each other is not something new in the current world.  The last 10 days were difficult time in my life.
These are excerpts taken from Dr  Twedoes  speech during the  opening ceremony of family planning conference  in  Addis Abeba  .Watch the link here .  


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