Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some foreign countries have interest to set up military base inside Eretria, says Aboy Sebhat

On  his latest interview with   Geza  Tegaru Pal talk forum ,  TPLF former  executive member  and currently  serving as a  Head  of  Peace and Reconciliation  Development , Aboy  Sebhat Nega has indicated that   some countries have  deep   interest   to set up army headquarters inside Eritrea.  Aboy  Sebhat  didn’t exactly mention who these countries are,   but has   given  a signal that either USA  or Israel   or Saudi  Arabia would like to  go to  Eritrea to   set up their own central command in  the  capital .  It is remembered   that  USA back then  had its command in Asmera  called QANEW SHALEKA .When the  military regime took over  power from the  then  king , the Americans must have  withdrawn   over their sour  relationship with the latter. Click the link below, to listen the Aboy interview with GezaTegru discussion forum admin.  




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