Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ethiopia deny bus-attack claim

The Ethiopian Football Federation have denied allegations relating to the alleged attack on the Nigerian team bus that reportedly left Emmanuel Igiebor injured. The incident was in the Nigeran Football Federation's report to FIFA, after the two sides' World Cup qualifying play-off encounter at Addis Abbey Stadium. Nigeria won the match but their victory was not without its fair share of controversies, after Ethiopia felt that they had a legitimate goal disallowed, while their goal was contested by the Super Eagles. It ended 2-1 in favour of the visitors after they scored a late penalty, giving them a two away goals going into the return leg. EFF president Juinedin Basha admitted that their fans were upset after the defeat. "Of course the stadium was full of angry fans, who were disappointed by the referee's decision," Basha told BBC Sport. "Especially after he ruled out the first goal."

However, he added that their investigation found that there was no incident to report on. "There was no attack. There was no one injured - either players or individuals from the Nigerian team on Sunday. This is what we found out from our investigation," the EFF president said. "We have checked everything. We've got nothing that shows that a player or any other individual was injured by fans. "The Ethiopian people are known to be respectful to any African from every corner. This is our culture, this is our history and the Nigerians are our African brothers."   Source ( (


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