Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Many prominent folks do not think Haile G.Selasse is a good choice for Presidency

A prominent lawyer and legal expert, Molla Zegeye, says that the president is someone who should be accepted and respected by all portions of the society. “He should be between 55 and  60 years old,  be audacious and should have the right to be consulted. He should consult the PM and the Council of Ministers on various national issues,” Molla told The Reporter. Athlete Gebregziabher Gebremariam, on his part, says that the president should be a person who should listen to the grievances of the masses. He says that the president should put the public ahead of himself. “I would like to see Kuma Demeksa to be the next president. He is a determined person and is a people's man. However, I think that Ashebir will be the next president,” Gebregziabher told The Reporter.

Aregash Adane, former member of the Central Committee of the TPLF, says that since there is no actual power exercised by the the president, she would not take time to think about the issue. “Presidents who assumed power have not even fully exercised the power bestowed upon them by the Constitution,” she told The Reporter. Negasso thinks that Mulu Solomon would make a good president. “Until now the country's top officials have been men, and with the prominence she has, I think she will be a likely candidate. She has the charisma and is young and those are good attributes” he says. Similarly, Mushe Semu, president of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), says that he would like to see a woman president. But if it were to be men then Bulcha Demeksa is his choice. Most of the respondents approached by The Reporter say that the president should be someone who can best represent the people and the process ought to include the public and should be participatory.

With Girma Woldegiorgis set to call it a day the New Ethiopian year, 2006 will welcome a new president of the Republic. Who will you pick as the next president? Source (Reporter)


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