Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Discussion with the founder of PLR Inc. Ms. Mamey Werku

Our August 4 weekly Radio program features comments on insufficient electric and water supply in the capital as well as interview with   Ms.   Mamey Warku ,  the founder of PLR Inc. 

  lives   in  Denver Colorado,  and a  mother  of two , Ms  Werku  is working for  the city Mayor office in the rank of  Commissioner.      This is the first part of her interview; we will post the remaining part in the coming weeks.  

Despite the fact   that the government  of  Ethiopia   is doing its  best to accommodate  the needs  of the  people  in the city ,  we also observed that  there is a  lack of coordination among  Ethiopian electric power  authorities  ,  telecommunication experts   ,  Ethiopian water supply  administration ,   and the Giant  Chinese  firm   who received the award   to install the Rail way in the city .In most cases  The Chinese  drilling machines  don’t   have  an idea the  whereabouts  of the electric cables  or the water pipes are.  This needs to be addressed.   We  often hear that one of the  main cause that  water is out    or electric  power is down is  not always  something   wrong  from  the  resource , but also errors    from the  construction  work .   
We believe that all stakeholders need to work together and share information prior deploying their stuff to the ground work.  In order to listen, our view or to find out how to   establish your own philanthropic organization like PLR, focusing on needy people, please click the following link. Ethiopian This week is an independent media provide unbiased, fair, and balanced news particularly regarding Ethiopia. The Ethiopian this week doesn't belong to any party or group and has no particular agenda besides truthfully informing our viewers. 


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