Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alshabaab leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Awey ‘captured’

Prominent Somali clerk Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys has been captured and was displayed in Adodo Town controlled by pro government Himan  and Heeb administration on Wednesday, reported.
Recently critical to Alshabaab, Sheikh Hassan whose militia merged with Alshabaab in 2011 was also founding members of Union of Islamic  Courts in Somalia. Mohamed Omar Hagafey, spokesman of Himan and Heeb Administration has said: “Hassan Dahir aweys is in the custody of  soldiers commanded by President of Himan and Heeb’’It is reported that 10 other Al Shabaab officials were captured alongside Aweys. The identity of the rest is still unknown. Sheikh Aweys departed Barawe in Shabelle region several days ago, after Al Shabaab factions engaged in a deadly confrontation in the ancient port town in southern Somalia. Sources said 10 people were killed in Barawe after militias loyal to Sheikh Hassan and Abdi Godane clashed in the  town. Public statement attributed to Al Shabaab senior leadership  accused a new faction of Al Shabaab, led by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys serious  crimes including ”spreading false information that damages unity of the group.”All the suspects will soon be handed over to the Somali Federal Government. Source (


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