Sunday, February 17, 2013

LALOMBE ( ላሎምቤ)

 Feb 10th  Ethiopian This  Week   , weekly  Radio  program  featured  on  the  sudden news of   the legend artist Tesfye Lemma and  close discussion with  Lalombe (  ላሎምቤ)  Film director  and producer Abrham Tsegye . The film is about a young extremely enthusiastic journalist’s adventurous and cumbersome struggle to succeed in producing a refined and internationally competitive documentary film initially with almost no or little means at his disposal. Abraham explains   how his film Lalombe was selected in the Black American film festival that took place in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Did you know that names like Harambe and Lalombe are belong to cattle’s in Hammers tribal language?  Lalombe   even is an expression for the most colorful oxen.  Amazing! Click the following link, to listen the full interview.


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