Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eritrean information minister Ali Abdu’s defection is confirmed.

....he dares not speak on the phone with journalists, so he responds to Expressen questions via his brother Saleh Younis, who lives in the U.S..Ali Abdu says that he very well knows who Dawit Isaak is."No one from the Swedish government or authorities have been trying to contact me about Dawit Isaak, Ali Abdu told Expressen. "For Dawit Isaak’s family in Sweden and among the thousands who are working for his release, Ali Abdu defection brought hope that they will finally get an answer if Dawit Isaak still alive. But Ali Abdu says he and the other ministers do not know anything about what happened dawit and other imprisoned journalists and politicians. Readmore…

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ያርቲስት ሀብቴ ምትኩ 7ተኛ እመት የመታሰቢያ በዐል ::

የተዋቂው ኮሞዲያንና  ገጣሚ ሀብቴ ምትኩ 7ተኛ አመት የመታሰቢያ በአል   በኪነ ጥበባዊ  ድባብ   በብሄራዊ ትያትር  ለማክበር ዝግጅቱ እየተጠናቀቀ መሆኑን የረጅም ጊዜ ጔደኛውና የሳራ ባልደረባው ኮሞዲያን ደረጀ ኅይሌና እንዲሁም ያዘጋጅ ኮሚቴው አባል  ተዋናይና ዳይሬክተር  ቴድሮስ ተስፋዬ ገለጹ:: በዚህ የክብር ሰነ ስርአት ላይ ካርቲስቶቹ  ቤተ ሰቦች  በተጨማሪ   ቀደምት ኮሞድያን  ልመንህ ታደሰ በክብር እንግድነት እነደሚገኝ ከደረጀ ሀይሌ መረዳት   ችለናል:: በዚህ ዙሪያ የተደረገውን ውይይት ለመከታተል የሚከተለውን ሊንክ ይጫኑ::

Monday, January 21, 2013

Erteria: Solders have surrounded of Ministry of Information office in the capital ( A news posted a year ago on BBC News)

 Dear  netter:
  This news is posted  a year ago On BBC.  Aljazera also   covered  the news during the time . Since it is   visiting  several times  over , you  see  it  on  our   popular  blog page. 

According to  news from BBC, there is unusual military movement in the capital city and the Ministry of Information and communication building is surrounded by group of solders. The report further said that the daily state TV program has been taken off from the air and the websites of key Eritrean state and ruling party media are currently operating unreliably, with the site for the ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) party inaccessible. Observers said that there seems to be a significant sign of military coup underway in  the city since most kinds of takeover operations of this nature carry on first by controlling the communication building. So far it is not still clear  weather the coup is successful and is no justification  was given  by the third party. The news further stated that a statement has reportedly been read out on state radio and television calling for the implementation of the country's 1997 constitution. Stay tuned for latest update.


As a follow up of the latest incident Aljazeera reported an hour ago that Adam said Haj Moussa, Secretary-General of the Eritrean National Front for Change opposition Eritrean Defense Minister and Chief of Staff , and Commander of the Air Force were killed today by snipers in the capital, Asmara. Some news agencies who quoted diplomatic sources described the coup move is triggered by opposition rebels not by faction of Eritrean army; there is no settled news so far. The Government of Eretria neither denied nor confirmed the overthrow attempt. One thing which is clear now is that The current president of Eretria and General secretary of PFDJ is not in the capital , He left Asmara earlier for Meswea for a so called working visit. Stay tuned    ***

***  The following is a report by Jeffery Gettleman from New York Times ,

According to several people with close contacts inside Eritrea, the coup attempt failed, with government troops quelling the would-be rebellion and no one rising up in the streets. But many analysts said it was only a matter of time before President Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea’ s brash and steely leader for the past 20 years, is overthrown — and most likely from within. ***

Thursday, January 17, 2013

PM HaileMariam is assuming Chairmanship of AU

According to Mr Dina, the decision that Ethiopia would hold the organization’s top job this year was taken two years ago, when it would have been expected that the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi would have assumed the role. Read more…

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ethiopia players get $100K if they win African Cup

Ethiopia's players were promised more than $100,000 each Wednesday if they win the African Cup of Nations on the country's return to the tournament after a 30-year absence. Ethiopia Football Federation president Sahilu Gebremariam said the players would get $111,000 each to win the Cup — a huge amount in the poverty-stricken country — and $55,000 each to make the final in South Africa. Sahilu said coach Sewnet Bishaw and his assistant coach would be rewarded with "significantly higher prize money" if the team progressed to the final. Ethiopia won the Cup of Nations in 1962 but last qualified for the final tournament in 1982. It was drawn alongside tough opposition in Nigeria, Zambia and Burkina Faso for this tournament and is not expected to get out of the group. "It's football, there is room for anything, any surprise," Sewnet said. "Although it's a new environment for the team, they have recently done wonderful in tough games." Sahilu said the offers were "intended to boost the morale of the team." "I am sure others, such as investors and prominent people, will offer them more prizes and awards if they make us proud in South Africa," Sahilu said. Squad members were already given $11,000 each last weekend by Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi for qualifying for the African Cup. "The players know more is coming if they play their best during the competition," Sewnet said.  Source (AP)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fresno Man Arrested in 28 Year Old Cold Case Murder

On January 18, 1985, a passerby found the body of the dead woman in the dumpster to the rear of the Bailey Park Plaza and Safeway shopping center at 570 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, and reported it to police. Eventually the deceased was identified as 21-year old Girmai, who was known to frequent the San Jose area.   Read more….

Monday, January 14, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama's half-brother plans to seek office in Kenya.

Malik Obama says he will run for governor of western Kenyan region of Siaya, according to Bloomberg News.Siaya County is facing a lot of problems from poor infrastructure to poverty due to bad leadership," Malik Obama said in a recent campaign appearance. "I will change this if elected."Obama, 54, will compete as an independent candidate during the March 4 national elections, he told a public gathering yesterday in Kogelo, about 310 kilometers (193 miles) west of the capital, Nairobi. Obama, who shares the same father as the U.S. president, said he will use his relationship with his half brother to address issues such as poverty and unemployment.

"Kenya's elections in March will be the first since 2007, when a dispute over the outcome triggered ethnic fighting in which more than 1,100 people died and at least 350,000 more were forced to flee their homes.  Source (Bloomberg)


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Interview with Young Author Meron Abate

This week   ( January  13 ) ETW   Radio    program covers    interview   with  writer Meron Abate  over her  new book   (ምን ታምር ፈተና )  as  well as   her  life experience while  she worked as  a housemaid  in Egypt.  It is a story   of young Ethiopian author who managed to write her unfathomable poems under very difficult circumstances.    It is a must listen interview. ,  click the following link  to listen .

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ethiopia says breaks up Islamist militant cell

Ethiopian police have arrested 15 suspected militants allegedly trained by Islamist rebels in neighboring Somalia and who were plotting attacks in Ethiopia, the country's intelligence agency said on Wednesday. The arrests were the latest in a crackdown on what senior officials say is a growing threat from militant Islam in Ethiopia, a Horn of Africa nation predominantly comprised of Orthodox Christians and a large minority of Muslims.The would-be militants were caught following a 20-day sting operation while they plotted to set up cells in the eastern town of Harar and in Kemise in the northeast, the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) said. "Members of the group were recruited, trained and armed by Somalia's al Shabaab and their aim was to wage Jihad (holy war) and stage attacks inside the country," an NISS statement said, aired by the state-run Ethiopian Television. Addis Ababa has sent troops to Somalia to help other African countries battling to crush al Shabaab's six-year insurgency. The suspects, whose nationalities were not disclosed, were said to have crossed into Ethiopia from Somalia and Kenya. Wednesday's TV report showed police displaying large amounts of arms including rifles and grenades, as well as black flags with Arabic inscriptions. The report said CDs and video tapes of "jihadist messages" were also seized during the operation.On Tuesday, an Ethiopian court convicted 10 other militants of preparing strikes on political and economic targets in Ethiopia with the help of Somalia's al Qaeda-allied al Shabaab. Muslims in Ethiopia staged several mass protests last year against perceived interference in Islamic affairs. Several leaders of a committee that led the protests now face trial. Ethiopia fought Islamist rebels in Somalia in 2006-2009 and sent troops back in 2011 to fight al Shabaab, opening a third front alongside Kenyan troops and an African Union mission. The onslaught on rebels in Somalia has gained ground in the past two years. Al Shabaab withdrew from the southern port of Kismayu in September, its last major urban stronghold, heralding its demise as a quasi-conventional military force.  Source   (Reuters)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eritrean Information minister is vanished, says CPJ.

It was on November 17 that U.K.-based Eritrean opposition news website Assena first reported, citing unnamed sources, that Ali had sought asylum in Canada. Ten days later, Madote, a pro-government site, dismissed the Assena report and claimed, citing unnamed witnesses who reported by phone, that Ali was "seen walking in the capital and discussing with citizens." Radio France International reported on December 18 that Ali had defected in late November during a business trip to Europe and that his home had been searched by security agents. An editorial on U.S.-based Eritrean news site Awate criticized the impulse to pursue scoops on Ali's whereabouts at the expense of investigative reporting and analysis of the reasons behind his possible disappearance. Read  more....