Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Barak Obama defeated Romney

President Barak Obama has won for the second term defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney over a wide range of electoral vote .according to the latest projection President Obama has got 303 electoral vote while his opponent the Governor Romney has received 206 electoral vote. 270 electoral votes are needed to be a president. From Boston and Chicago Headquarters both candidates have delivered speech to their supporters and to the American people.

Mitt Romney delivered his speech from Boston convention center, congratulated Barak Obama and said, he believes in America and added that he will pray for the president to be successful in his second term. “The president needs prayer “says the defeated Romney. As a remark Romney is a follower of one Christian sect known as Mormons. On his side US President Barak Obama is also delivered his speech , congratulated Governor Romney for a hard fought campaign and promised that in a week ahead he would sit with him and discuss about the future of this country “we are one family who rises and fall together” said the president The audience gave him a big round applaud. We at Ethiopian This week congratulate Barak and wish him success for his second term presidency.


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