Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ethiopian prime minister fires gov’t minister whose wife faces terror charges

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday fired the country’s civil minister, Junedin Sado, whose wife is one of 29 people facing terrorism charges related to protests by Muslims who accuse of the government of meddling in their religious affairs. Sado published a letter in the country’s independent newspapers in which he defended his wife and criticized the federal prosecutor’s charges. Also in Thursday’s Cabinet reshuffle, Hailemariam promoted two ministers to double as deputy prime ministers, giving the country three deputy prime ministers for the first time, a sign the ruling party is favoring collective leadership after the August death of its longtime leader Meles Zenawi. Tedros Adhanom was appointed as the country’s new foreign affairs minister. Source (Associated Press)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sudan coup attempt foiled, says government spokesman

The Sudan government has arrested at least 14 high ranked army and security officials and several civilians connected to the ruling party of president Omar Al Bashir for an allegedly coupe attempt. Radio Dabanga reports on Thursday, 22 November, that tanks were roaming the Ebed Khatim-road south of the Kober-bridge in Khartoum where many top officers including the president and vice-president are residing. It is the first time that internal clashes within the ruling Islamic movements erupted to the surface. The movement sidetracked the leader of the Islamic movement, Ali Osman Taha, the vice-president of Sudan. He was replaced by Zubair Ahmed Hassan, a Minister of Economic Affairs. The government spokesman said in a public appearance today that the 'coup'-stagers took disadvantage from rumors about the 'health situation of President Omar Al Bashir'. Amongst the arrested people are retired major general Salah Abdalla Gosh (former security chief), general Adil Altayeb of the Sudan Armed Forces and Brigadier-general 'Wad' Mohamed Ibrahim. He was in charge to protect the oil fields in Kordofan (Heglig), but it failed after the Southern army walked in easily occupying the oil-wells preventing it from exploration. Only this week the first oil started to flow again. According to a security spokesperson for Radio Dabanga, the main suspects of the alleged coup were arrested Thursday morning at 01:00, other arrests followed before sunrise. The spokesman of the government, the minister of Information Ahmed Bilal Osman said that the authorities discovered the 'coup'-attempt 'a long time ago'. "They initially want to do it last Thursday, but they decided a week later. We arrested them to prevent bloodshed", Ahmed Bilal told the press. Radio Dabanga received information that besides the 13 people mentioned by the minister at least one other army officer had been arrested early today.  source ( All Africa)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Susan Rice, John Kerry seen as replacements for Hillary Clinton

It was reported on Nov. 9, 2012, according to latest updates, that it is believed that John Kerry or Susan Rice will replace Hillary Clinton after the recent elections held in America. Hillary Clinton is expected to step down from the post of Secretary of State. The two big names of John Kerry and Susan Rice are coming up as the most viable replacements for Clinton. However, seeing the vast experience of Hilton, nothing can be said for sure as of now. Rice, being of Jamaican heritage, is considered a nervy and uncompromising candidate. Her connections with Obama might prove beneficial for her. In the year 2004, Susan Rice held the post of then-Senator Obama’s foreign policy advisor. On the other hand, Kerry, the patrician chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has topped on the list due to his experience and proximity to the President. The President may also consider the option of choosing a different eligible candidate.  Source (The Examiner)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Barak Obama defeated Romney

President Barak Obama has won for the second term defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney over a wide range of electoral vote .according to the latest projection President Obama has got 303 electoral vote while his opponent the Governor Romney has received 206 electoral vote. 270 electoral votes are needed to be a president. From Boston and Chicago Headquarters both candidates have delivered speech to their supporters and to the American people.

Mitt Romney delivered his speech from Boston convention center, congratulated Barak Obama and said, he believes in America and added that he will pray for the president to be successful in his second term. “The president needs prayer “says the defeated Romney. As a remark Romney is a follower of one Christian sect known as Mormons. On his side US President Barak Obama is also delivered his speech , congratulated Governor Romney for a hard fought campaign and promised that in a week ahead he would sit with him and discuss about the future of this country “we are one family who rises and fall together” said the president The audience gave him a big round applaud. We at Ethiopian This week congratulate Barak and wish him success for his second term presidency.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Eritrean man jailed for prostitute rape

The court heard Haile, who came to the UK from Eritrea in 2006, approached the prostitute at about 5.45am on March 2 last year and asked for business but she was not interested. He returned later and again approached her, brandishing £20. She accompanied him to an alley, then along North Road to a point where there was a gap in the fence. Haile then produced £10 which was not acceptable to the sex worker so she turned to walk away. But he grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Prosecutor Peter Cooper said: "She struggled with him and shouted for help. "He subdued her by punching her. He then raped her. The woman continued struggling and screaming. "He tried to shut her up by putting his hand over her mouth to stifle her screams." After a few minutes, the defendant left. The prostitute went to a friend's house and called the police. She was dishevelled, with mud smeared on her cheek. She was examined by a police surgeon, swabs were taken and her clothes were sent away for forensic examination. The court heard Haile's DNA was found on the swabs and the clothing. He was arrested on May 31 and told police he had never had sex with a prostitute. Haile denied raping the woman, but told the jury she consented to sex. He said he did not tell the truth in his police interview because him having sex with a prostitute would reflect badly on him among the Eritrean community in Stoke-on-Trent. He said he is married and a follower of the Pentecostal faith, and having sex with a prostitute would not be considered acceptable in his community. But the jury returned a guilty verdict. The court heard Haile faced another allegation of raping another city prostitute but she did not turn up to give evidence. He was found not guilty of that offence after no evidence was offered by the Crown Prosecution Service. Judge Paul Glenn told Haile: "I am satisfied you targeted your victim. "You decided you were going to have sex with her and you weren't going to pay for it. You knew full well she was a prostitute. She was vulnerable."You forcibly detained her, made sure she was silent and you raped her."You used her to satisfy your lust."Time spent on remand – 252 days – will count towards Haile's sentence. He will be on the sex offenders' register indefinitely.  Source ( Staffordshire )

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Iran wants to shield Sudan from further Israel attack

Two Iranian warships docked in Sudan on Monday, Iran's official IRNA news agency reported, less than a week after Khartoum accused Israel of attacking an arms factory in the Sudanese capital.
Two people were killed after fire broke out late on Tuesday at the Yarmouk arms factory in the south of Khartoum. Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman said four military planes attacked the Yarmouk plant and Israel was behind it.
Asked by Israel's Channel Two News about Sudan's accusations, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said: "There is nothing I can say about this subject." IRNA said the helicopter carrier Khark and the destroyer Shahid Naqdi were carrying: "the message of peace and friendship to neighbouring countries and were ensuring security for shipping lanes against marine terrorism and piracy". Iran's semi-official Fars news agency said that the vessels docked in Port Sudan on the Red Sea and the fleet's commanders were scheduled to meet Sudanese navy commanders. Sudan, with close ties to Iran and Sunni jihadis, has long been seen by Israel as a conduit for weapons smuggled to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, via the Egyptian Sinai desert. In May, Sudan's government said one person had been killed after a car exploded in the eastern city of Port Sudan. It said that explosion resembled a blast last year it had blamed on an Israeli missile strike. Israel declined to comment on the May incident or the 2011 blast, which killed two people. It also neither admitted nor denied involvement in a similar incident in eastern Sudan in 2009. Iran said in June it had plans to build more warships and increase its presence in international waters, particularly to protect its cargo ships around the world. Pirates in the Gulf of Aden in January hijacked an Iranian ship carrying 30,000 tonnes of petrochemical products to a North African country.  Source ( Reuters)