Monday, August 20, 2012

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has passed away.

At about 7.AM   in Ethiopian Time Councils of Ministers sent a massage via Ethiopian TV and Radio the sudden death of prime minister Meles Zenawi .  According to the unexpected  news PM Meles Zenawi has passed away at 5.40PM (before mid-night)  in hospital due to complication of infection. His doctors who were with him since the beginning of his illness have done the best to save his life, the news further said.  The Ministers of Councils also said deputy prime minister  Hailemarim  Desaline take over the duty of prime minister position as of today (August 21, 2012. ) Following the presence of ambassadors   representing Ethiopia in different countries residents in Addis have big speculation about the health situation of PM Meles Zenawi. People here in Addis are in a great shock and surprise about this sudden news. Stay tuned.    


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