Saturday, July 7, 2012

Former Head of state, Negaso Gedida needs urgent help.

According to the Information read from Ethiomedia  , former Ethiopian president Negasso Geddida  is seeking urgent help to cover his medical expenses. Dr  Negasso was one time a former state head and may be the first president  in history who resigned from his post voluntarily over ideological  differences with the current prime minister Meles Zenawi.  Soon after living his position Dr. Negasso joined the opposition party MEDREK , and serving both as  an  executive committee member  and leadership responsibilities . So far it is not clear the cause of his sickness, his currnt  condition or where he is about.  Some reports however indicate that Dr. Negaso is receiving treatment in Germany. It is recalled that his wife has a German citizen. An Account is now open for volunteers who would like to help the former Head of State.  

Account Owner: IBSA GIDADA
Purpose:”Dr. Negaso’s medical treatment”

Bank: Frankfurter Sparkasse
Acc. Number: 1200150617
Sort Code: 50050201

IBAN: DE 36 5005 0201 1200 1506 17
Bic-/Swift Code: HELADEF 1822


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