Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Journalist explains his brief experience In Ethiopian Detention Center ( Makelawi )

Authorities   in Addis told him that   he was been engaged in Illegal reporting, said Peter   Heinlein   soon after he released from Ethiopian Detention Center, commonly   known as Mekealwi. The VOA American journalist along with his translator Semeinesh Yekoye and his driver ( his name was   not identified )  have been detained  inside the mosque  on Friday when Muslims gathered for their Friday prayer. Ethiopian Government official Sheimeles l Kemal explained the incident that Peter was arrested after failing to identify himself to police. Other sources close to the story reported that Peter Heinlein carries a diplomat passport when he entered to the mosque. Neither Peter nor VOA provided confirmation on his dual ID. In recent days groups of Muslims have been holding protest in Awleya  mosues   over two   different  ideologies of Muslims   ( Al Ahabaesh ( Followers of Ethiopian Muslim scholar Shek Abduel)  and  the Wahbi’s). The latter constantly blame the Ethiopian Government interfering to their affair. (By Admin )

Click   the following link to listen the interview held with Peter   Heinlein after he released from the detention center .


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