Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ethiopia, Shashemene is the birth place of King Solomon and Queen Sheba , claim Rastefreians

Kabena, who moved from the Dominican Republic two decades ago, runs a natural health clinic on the grounds of a Rasta church but said authorities are encroaching on the fields where he grows food and medicinal herbs. Rastafarians say it was the "divinity" of the land that drew them to Ethiopia, which is mentioned in the Bible more than 30 times and is believed to be the birthplace of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. "This is the promised land, this is where God is born," said Ab. Yet the Rastas' vague status makes it difficult to set up business and access services open to nationals. "I'm in Africa and I'm illegal in regards to status. I don't feel illegal because I'm returning home, but when you're talking about the letter of the law, yes, in fact, it's reality," said Carol Rocke, 56, who runs a Caribbean restaurant. When she was "ordained by God" to come to Ethiopia from Trinidad six years ago, she applied for a business licence but was only allowed to operate as a foreign investor, limiting her business to the region around Shashemene.  Read more…


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