Monday, February 20, 2012

Vatican Apology for Complicities in the Ethiopian Genocide 1935-1941

Though Mussolini’s systematic genocide of the Ethiopian people from 1935-1941 occurred virtually within the same timeframe as Hitler’s Nazi holocaust against the Jews from 1933-1941, nevertheless, the Fascist genocide in Ethiopia is excluded from the annals of the world’s history books and from historical genocide documents at the United Nations. While the Vatican has graciously apologized to Jews for its silence during the Nazi holocaust, it has never extended the same Christian courtesy to Ethiopians although, in their case, the Vatican was directly complicit in Fascist atrocities in Ethiopia. The Vatican’s silence and the United Nations disregard of the genocide against the Ethiopian people is counter to the principles of human rights and justice and continues to have a negative impact on every generation of all peace loving people including those of African origin.

Discrete efforts to elicit a Vatican apology have so far remained unanswered. We, therefore, have to appeal to the international community to demand a full, public apology by the Vatican for its complicity with the Fascists who perpetrated untold war crimes against humanity in Ethiopia. Click here to read more and to sign the petition ...


  1. Ethiopia should claim physical damages from VATICAN, and even if whole VATICAN is liquidated for Ethiopias development, so be it! They have Trillions of theft cash, this should be handed over to Ethiopian peoples, and all those dust gathering buidlings in Venice auctioned off to repay for thier facist activities. Why is Ethiopa asking the Devil for apologies? They know nothing of Tewahedo and the single nature of Christ. They owe far more than an "apology". I guess JAH will sort them out with the apocolypse then. Selah

  2. So the dance of the fertile universe is a ballet with three ballerinas: chance, necessity and fertility. Vatican