Friday, January 6, 2012

Mossad Involved in Mabhouh Assassination, Ethiopian Plane Outburst

Mauritanian authorities have exposed a Mossad network in the country involved in the assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud Mabhouh and the outburst of the Ethiopian plane in
Lebanon where a Hezbollah target was on board. According to Al-Huriyeh (Freedom) Mauritanian newspaper, the Mauritanian authorities have exposed the network in which businessmen and activists from different Arab nationalists work .The sources indicated that members recruited by the Israeli espionage network were captured after pursuing them and monitoring their suspicious activities.
The espionage network was revealed after the police arrested an agent, named as Fares al-Banna, who was recruited by a tourism agency. The police found documents with the suspect, including a letter addressed to the Emirati embassy in Mauritania, in which he confirmed he is ready to confess information related to the assassination of [Palestinian figure Mahmoud] Mabhouh in Dubai, and the explosion of the Ethiopian plane in Lebanon. The suspect also vowed in the letter that he would reveal detailed information about an Israeli espionage network in Mauritania. The daily stated that the Mauritanian authorities have opened an investigation on the issue in order to pursue details in this case. Source (Al-Manar)


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